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VT Global Marine Engineer Pte Ltd (TIANJIN OFFICE)
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  • VT Global Marine Engineer Pte Ltd (TIANJIN OFFICE)
  • Equipment/Spares Agent
  • Tianjin, China
  • Room 1-1201 Binhaimingdu Tanggu District, Tianjin China 300451
  • 80

Company Introduction

Our head office is in Singapore and branch in Tianjin, China.
We start business since 1997. We mainly supply marine and offshore equipment & spares for equipment made in China.

We can help arrange the shipment to anywhere all over of the world to save your time and we also can help you to

consolidate all your cargo from China to ship out together to save cost for you.
We warmly welcome the opportunity of quoting on your needs whether your requirement is large or small.
Our scope of supply as follows:

-Fender(rubber,yokohama),grating (FRP & Galvanised)

-Mechanical machinery: propeller,pump,valve,motor,air compressor, generator,heater,heat exchanger

-Pump, Motor& Valve Brand: Zhenhua pump, guangning pump,Tianjin Pump-under license from Taiko Kikai, Hebei hengsheng pump,

Shunda Pump, Huanggong Pump,Tiantai Shan Pump,Yancheng Ocean Pump,Wuhu Yangtze Pump, Bayi Universal Pump,Qidong Pump,

Dalian Valve , Dezhou Hengli Motor,Hoyer Motor Etc.
-Air compressor Brand: Ningbo Tianyuan Compressor, Haiguang compressor-under license from Tanabe,Nanjing Air Compressor etc,

-Environment protection:fresh water generator,oil water separator, sewage treatment plant,incinerator,hydrophore system, UV water sterilizer
Brand :Chongqing Taiko Kangda; Jiangsu Nanji, Han Sun, Nanjing Lu Zhou etc.

-Deck outfitting: accommodation ladder,door,window,hatch cover, fairlead,roller,bollard,fire damper,louver,chain stopper,anchor and anchor chain

-Deck machinery: anchor windlass,mooring winch,crane.

brand:IHI, Southern China Marine Machinery (SCM), Jiangsu Haitai, Jiangsu Huaiyin, Ningbo Kairong

-Accommodation system:paneling,floor,toilet unit, furniture,galley and laundry equipment(from China and Korea)

-Lighting fixture(led navigation and common light),power cables,cable gland,terminals
-Life saving appliances:lifeboat and davit ,liferaft,lifesaving Accessories and fire fighting equipment

-Lifeboat and Davit Brand: Qingdao Beihai, Jiangyin jiaoyan,Jiangyin Beihai, Vanguard, Norsafe, Neptune,Zhejiang Hengxin, Jiangyin Wolong,

Zhenjiang Marine Auxiliary Machinery
-Diesel engine genuine & OEM spare parts, such as:Chongqing Cummins,Yanmar Zibo,Weichai,Zhenjiang Man B&W,Shanghai Diesel Engine,

Shaanxi Diesel Engine (SXD), Anqing daihatsu Engine,Henan Diesel etc.
-Ship stores and shipchandlers in all Chinese ports
-Japan pump spare parts and complete set(Taiko kikai,Teikoku,Shinko, Sasakura,Shin Shin ,Naniwa,Nippon etc)

-Electrical items like brand Danfoss, Omron, Siemnes, ABB, GE, Honeywell, Merin Gerin,Schneider,Emerson, Yokogawa,Deif, Wika, especially obsolete product.

-Spare parts for European product:Allweiler,Sperre,Carrier,Saacke,TMC, Hamworthy,Alup,Hatlapa,Tamrotor,Kral,Iron,Imo,Wilo,KSB,Evac,Jets,Westfal

-Dome Seal for LPG,LNG and Chemical Tanker

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Diesel Engine>Auxiliary Blower>Impeller

Diesel Engine>Auxiliary Blower>Fan Bearing

Diesel Engine>Fuel Oil System>Fuel Oil Injection Pump

Diesel Engine>Lubricating System>LO Pump

Diesel Engine>Lubricating System>Cylinder Oil Level Alarm Switch

Auxiliary Machinery>Ventilation System>Fan

Auxiliary Machinery>Ventilation System>Fire Damper

Auxiliary Machinery>Anti-heeling Unit>Control Valve

Auxiliary Machinery>Oily Water Separator(bilge Water Separator),>Filter Cartridge/Element

Auxiliary Machinery>Incinerator>Blower/Fan

Auxiliary Machinery>Ballast Water Treatment Plant>Filter

Valve,Filter/Strainer,Pipe Fittings>Valve>Ball Valve

Valve,Filter/Strainer,Pipe Fittings>Valve>Temperature Control Valve/Thermostat Valve

Electrical Equipment and Automation>Electrical Equipment>Motor/

Electrical Equipment and Automation>Electric Component and Electric Cable>Level Switch

Deck Machinery>Hydraulic Pack/Power Station(Windlass/Winch/Hatch Cover)>Hydraulic Motor

Deck/Accommodation Outfitting>Mooring Rope

Measuring Meter/Instrument/ Measuring Element/Special Tool>Tempreture Sensor/Transmitter

Ship Chandler>Miscellaneous>Tank Cleaning Machine

Auxiliary Machinery>MGPS---Marine Growth Prevention System>Others

Valve,Filter/Strainer,Pipe Fittings>Valve>Others

Valve,Filter/Strainer,Pipe Fittings>Filter/Strainer>Others

Electrical Equipment and Automation>Power Distribution System>Main Circuit Breaker

Electrical Equipment and Automation>Electrical Equipment>motor

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  • VT Global Marine Engineer Pte Ltd (TIANJIN OFFICE)
  • 1*****9
  • Tianjin, China
  • Room 1-1201 Binhaimingdu Tanggu District, Tianjin China 300451

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